Atheists Are Bad People 

Atheist the hypocrite

Atheists scream "please be tolarant" and then turn around and say things like "we hope all chrisitians die".

Atheists are sick people. Try talking to one if you don't believe me. They are like animals, they have given themselves over to all their carnal impulses. Beware of them. They only have money, sex and power on their minds.

Keep your kids away from them.

And remember, in America, atheists are like a virus that keeps popping up and has to be squashed. America is a Christian nation and they should live elsewhere if they don't like that.

Atheists are theists

A mirror can tell you alot about yourself, but when you look into it do you see the truth or just what you want to see?

The majority makes the group, so when I say "Atheists are bad people" of course I realize there may be one or two ok ones, but I believe it is fine to generalize. We all do it, it is how we protect ourselves.

So I also believe that theists are bad people.

When I say this or that group is bad, what do I mean? Toleration. I am a bad person because I can not tolerate an atheist, however it is my blog so I get to rant against them.

When I look in my mirror I see a bad person and if you don't see the same thing you are lying. This is the first step to tolerating others and it is as far as I have made it.

So what do I mean by "Atheists are theists"? Atheists and theist believe the same one thing with all their hearts.......That they are right.

Atheists are what they hate

Atheists are self proclaimed tolerant but is that true?

Cap'n Awesome posted at the chooblog and his words pretty much sum up just how tolerant atheists are. It seems they would like to see believers wiped off the earth. They hate believers.

At the raving atheist, Cal seems to believe that belief in God is a mental illness, but he also says hate is a mental illness. Apparently, to him anyway, atheists have not really been cured of their mental illnesses just by denouncing God. But I have to wonder, reading Cal's post if in fact he also hates believers. He is always trying to have them kill themselves and that seems like hate to me.

Do I Hate Atheists?

It has been mentioned at the raving atheist that I hate atheists.

I would not call it hate, I just have a healthy fear of them. I would not want to be alone with one or let my children near them. They are not to be trusted because they operate their lives with only themselves in mind. To them there is no higher power to guide their lives and keep them honest.

They are a dangerous group of people. They should even fear each other. It is like in these movies where the crooks turn on each other once you cross the line into badness you become capable of doing any bad thing.

These people are even proud that I have called out their bad. If only they could see just how bad they are.

Why would an atheist care?

It seems to me that an atheist has only one reason to be good and that is to not get caught being bad.

In light of that reasoning, wouldn't an atheist do anything if they thought they would not be caught? I believe they would.

I offer prooof in this quote by a very sick person:

Link to sick quote
post 53

snap crafter at the raving atheist wrote:
My moral system is the law. I do not kill for that would put me in the hole. I do not carouse with anyone under the age of 14 because that would probably lead me to jail. And concerning love, I fake it just enough to get a woman into bed, that's the great thing about being a sociopath, I don't have to worry about such petty things.

Quotes from the atheists

[b]Proof of atheists being bad people can be found anywhere on this blog (beware though, this is one nasty site)[/b]

Here is a quote from choobus:

"So why are we surrounded by religiots? Because there are a lot of lying -- around, and a lot of weak minded fools. These ARE the droids youíre looking for --. The human brain is very good at protecting itself. Not from a fist or a -- that went too far, but from comprehending an unpleasant reality. The ability of the mind to lie to itself is superior even to the ability of politicians to lie to everyone else. After years of being lied to by your family and priests and other supposedly trustworthy people, itís simply easier to pretend that they were telling the truth rather than accept the reality. So where do Christians come from? They come from lies. -- and lies. -- them all."

-- = foul language

Atheist Quote from Calpurnpiso


Post number 14

"If there was slavery there'll be no homeless people. In ancient Rome this worked quite well, except their slaves were the conquered and quite often HOMELESS poor people that offered themselves to be slaves.

just think about having a good cat or dog that does one's errands, gives one a massage, tell us jokes, relieves one's libidinal curse, etc...and we still LOVE them and take care of them....slaves were not mistreated in ancient Rome as it is believed. Christ-psychotics INVENTED this fable. It is like mistreating one's Ferrari."

Here is a really bad atheist Cap'n Awesome:


"We are all pretty familar with Pascals wager, if you aren't, wait 30 minutes and a Seagull Theist* will come in try to use it on you.

By the same logic, all Christians should be killing their children the moment they are baptized or 'saved' by Jesus. Think of it this way, their children have numerous chances to become Atheists, or sin or some other imaginary way of burning in a lake for fire for eternity. But if they are killed as soon as they are saved, paradise forever. Mathamaticaly, salvation times eternity trumps the chance of them "losing their faith." Real christians would be under obligation to kill as many children as possible. Sure, the bible says "Thou shalt not kill" but the new Testament replaces all those silly laws with "Love they Neighbor" and isn't it loving to be sending Children to the magic Sugar-Candy Mountain that they all believe in?"

Beware of the proud atheist

I have been looking around at forums reading what people have to sat and I have come to a conclusion: Atheists are very bad people.

I will be demonstrating this fact in future articles with quotes to prove this.

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